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Developmental Services

Habilitative Intervention

Habilitative Intervention (HI) improves a child’s adaptive skills and discourages problem
behaviors. Interventions are outcome-based, therapeutic services delivered by a qualified
professional.  HI may be provided in the home, in the community, or in the inclusive center.
Parents are involved in every step of the planning and intervention process, and progress
meetings are held regularly to discuss progress or changes.

Habilitative Supports

Habilitative supports service helps a child with a disability by facilitating the child’s
independence and integration into the community. This service provides an opportunity for
children to explore their interests, practice skills learned in other therapeutic environments,
and learn through interactions in typical community activities. In an inclusive setting, children
take part in typical games, activities and social situations with their peers.


Respite services provide supervision and care for a child as a relief to parents or caregivers.

Family Education and Training

Group training and one-one family training provides families with specific instruction on plan
strategies and interventions.

Now Offering After School Services and Summer Programs!
North Star now offers After School Services as well as Summer Programs for children 2-17.

Please contact North Star for information and availability!